A huge thanks to everyone!

Monday: May 7, 2012
After this past weekend and spending time with all my amazing family and friends I came home quite sad yet so very thankful. It was then that decided to start blogging to help keep all of those closest to me informed about everything going on with me and Matt in Pensacola. I've come to realize that although I may be far from all of those people who I love the most, I'm so very happy to have you all just a phone call away.
So as my official first post I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who came to my shower and/or bachelorette party in Maryland this past weekend. I can honestly say it was the most incredible weekend of my life. I feel so blessed to have so many amazing women surrounding me and thank God everyday. My sister and maid of honor, Danielle, was able to pull together a shower in three weeks and made it look as if Martha Stewart herself came and hosted it. The shower was fantastic, the food was incredible, and healthy ;-). The decor was perfection and the games hilarious! Thank you to my mom who drove so far and helped so much with all the weekend planning as well as her insane dance moves at my bachelorette! Thanks to my amazing friends for working your buns off to ensure the parties went off without a hitch, making up line dances, and making sure the night was a party to remember! Thanks to Janice Buzard for letting us crash into your home and your endless hospitality is so appreciated. Thank you to my mother-in-law, Virginia, for giving me the sincerest gift. I'm incredibly honored that you've passed along the Marine Corps and Rose pin. This piece of jewelry carries so much history and meaning; I will truly treasure it forever. Not to mention the most creative cake with a hot pink bra to boot! Mostly thank you to all those who came! The wonderful gifts and heartfelt words that I received I'll always carry with me.
Now I'm home and Matt is studying his behind off for another flight at 5:45 am. He's well into his aerobatics flights and he couldn't be more excited. He came home from today's flight and was beside himself with enthusiasm. He told me today all about his loops, cuban eight, split s, barrel roll aileron roll, clover leaf, and any other maneuvers he did. He did his best to attempt to explain these to me, as my eyes glossed over. Either way he's doing well and working hard.
Well until the next post!
-Sam & Matt

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