Spinning vs. Running

I swore up and down that I would never EVER become fond of spin classes. I've been actively running since high school and unfortunately I've hit a bit of a plateau. Thank goodness for the new crossfit classes at NAS Whiting Field in Milton because running unfortunately gets a little old. My good friend Katie Ralph asked me to go to spinning and my response was "hell no." When she asked me to tag along all I could think about what my first spinning encounter where I nearly died. Everyone around me was hooting and hollering, apparently "feeling the burn," and running high on their endorphins. I however was not so enthused. So last week I caved and against my will was forced into a spinning class. Great news, I LOVED IT! Well loved may be an overstatement, but I certainly was pleasantly surprised and burned far more calories than I ever could have jogging on the treadmill. So I ended up stepping out of the box and onto the bike, woohoo! off to spinning with my girl Katie :-)

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