Back on Dry Land!

We had an absolute blast on our honeymoon/ birthday/ 1 year anniversary cruise! I definitely got a little seasick while we were out to sea but a little medicine and a few cocktails really helped. Our boat left New Orleans and we were out to sea for two days solid. The first port was Jamaica, the next stop Grand Cayman, and we ended in Mexico! Overall the food was fantastic and we certainly had plenty of it!

Port 1:
The first stop was Montego Bay, Jamaica where Matt and I booked an all inclusive beach day at a private resort. We figured we would avoid any risky Jamaica business and enjoy our day at a gated resort. We drank lots of pina colada's and rum punches! We snorkeled and went on a small hobie cat. Needless to say we enjoyed every bit of Jamaica.


Port 2:
The next stop was the Cayman Islands. We hadn't planned an excursion prior to arriving to Grand Cayman but the second we got off the boat we were approached to spend the day in sting-ray city. We decided we'd rather be out on the water than walking around shopping. We took a small boat with about 10 other tourists and sailed out to what is known as sting ray city. Once you jumped in the water sting rays twice as big as our coffee table scooted by our feet. Although the rays are pretty much harmless, our tour guide advised us not to jump up and down. We both were able to hold the rays and even kiss their noses! (for 7 years of good luck of course) Their underbellies were the softest thing you've ever felt! After that we were able to dive off the boat and snorkel. Once we arrived back on shore we had a few hours until the boat left the dock so we ate at a local restaurant called Breezes.

(image borrowed from google)
(this is obviously not us! But they were charging crazy amounts for their photos) Look at the size of this thing! (image borrowed from google)

Port 3:
The third day at we arrived in Cozumel, Mexico and immediately embarked on our excursion to the Secret River. 
(image borrowed from google)

We booked this underground cave excursion not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. It was by far one of the greatest activity I've ever done! We couldn't take any pictures but this is what it looked like: (image borrowed from google)
After we got out of the caves they gave us a shot of local liquor and a delicious authentic Mexican lunch. 

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