Feeling especially thankful

Today I'm missing my mom, my dad, & my sister. 

Today WE are missing all the Johnson clan:

Today I'm thankful for the friends we've made along the way.

On the home front:

Today I am thinking about my mom. This woman could move mountains, I swear, but unfortunately a nasty little bug has disturbed her unstoppable force. I'm sure she will get better in the next few days but I'm sure it is driving her crazy being under the weather so thoughts out to her in hopes that she gets better ASAP! I pray one day I'll live close enough to just stop on by for lunch or bring her a treat (especially recently) when she's feeling down.

Today I am thinking about my sister. Danielle has just finished her boards for medical school and now awaits her scores. She's worked so hard and is the most inspiring person I know. Thoughts out to her as well as she patiently waits and sees all of her hard work pay off. Being away from her has been the most heart-wrenching adjustment. I'm the luckiest person to have a sister for a best friend.

Today I am thinking about my dad. He's back on his feet! (well pretty much). Dad has almost made a full recovery after a horrible fall and tremendous leg surgery. Within a few short weeks he will be able to walk again and just in time to take on this year's show schedule which he will ROCK OUT!

Down in Florida:

So far with this blog I haven't spent much time writing. This is rather ironic considering my undergraduate focused entirely on writing endless amounts of papers, poems, short stories, articles, and essays. Today I'm feeling inspired to document what's been going on in our lives with more than just photos. The transition into the Marine Corps family has been a whirlwind of changes paired with endless adjustments. We began our marriage roughly a year ago. Moving in with Matt was never the hard part, moving away from all of our family and friends was quite the opposite. Matt and I basically grew up together, we've known each other since our early teens so having him by my side as we made the 15 mile drive to our new home in Florida was very comforting.

We now reside in military housing in Milton, Florida called Whiting Pines. Matt finished primary training back in September and now he is patiently waiting to start advanced where he will be learning to fly a helicopter. Our house is adorably small and perfect for us and our two pups, Bruno & Reagan. We have the most fantastic group of friends within walking distance of our house. It is truly amazing how close you become with people when you are thrown into the military lifestyle. I can honestly say that I feel like I've known some of these families my entire life. Here's a breakdown of a few of the remarkable individuals I call my Marine Corps family.

Of course I'll begin with Mrs. Jami Kay Harris. As most of you know Jami was one of my bridesmaids and for good reason. She is my rock and it is hard to imagine my life without her. Jami and I are truly kindred spirits and I'm convinced God brought us together because he knew we were meant to be life-long friends. When I need help being talked off the ledge or I'm at my wits end and on the verge of a breakdown I call Jami.

Next would be the ever thoughtful, Caitlin Schaub. This gal would do anything for anyone. She is certainly the strong silent type with an unwavering spirit. The moment you say need her she's there with a solution. She makes me want to be a better person.

(April, Me, Jami & Caitlin)

April Webster is genuine person through and through. I value her opinion and often ask for it! She's caring, silly and so much fun to be around. She's someone I can sit and talk with for hours about anything. (and I do :-) )

Oh and the lovely Katie Ralph. I knew I'd be instant friends with this girl the moment I met her. It seems I'm always having a good time when she's near. She has an infectious personality and we have so much in common. I feel like I've known her for years.

(Jami, Katie & Me)

There are times when I let my mind drift and imagine the day when I have to say goodbye to these ladies. The thought of no longer being within walking distance just kills me. So for now we will continue living in our own little pleasant-ville, one that is full of wonderful ignorant bliss.

Of course there are many more fantastic people who've been there for both Matt and I and we can't thank them enough. We've felt nothing but support, acceptance and love from all our friends we've made along the way.

All for now.. next post will most likely be a shout out to my friends back home and how much I've been missing them lately.. stay tuned ;-)


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