Happy Halloween!!

What a fantastic weekend! We had such an amazing turnout for our halloween party! A total of about 35 people ended up coming and everyone was dressed in the most creative costumes! With the endless help from Jami, Katie, Caitlin & April we were able to completely transform my house into a halloween wonderland.We also all chipped in to make the most amazing food ever! We of course put our heads together to come up with some of the creepy labels such as: Rat Brains (buffalo chicken dip by me), Zombie Boogers (green white chocolate popcorn by April), Goat Testicles (meatballs by Caitlin), Roasted Cockroaches (bacon wrapped dates by Jami), and Boils and Bunions (artichoke dip by Katie). These  are just a few of the delicious food options we had available so HUGE thanks to my ladies for helping out so incredibly much. Not to mention that majority of the guests also brought dishes. Needless to say we had tons of food! Matt and I also concocted an alcoholic witch's brew that we put dry ice in so it would create an eerie bubbling effect. Jami and I were of course thrilled to finally be able to put on our tutu's that we had worked so hard on! Although our house is definitely quaint (nice way to say tiny) I think everyone had enough room to dance and party! 

Great success! Happy Halloween! Here are some pictures from the party.

This is my living room looking into the kitchen!

Happy hostess's !

Dentist and Toothfairy

Acting like little kids like usual

A collage of all the various decor around the house!

A collage of some of the deliciously festive food!

 Top Left (Katie Jami & I)
Bottom Left (Clare, Stefanie, Me & Jami)
Right (April, Me, Jami & Caitlin)

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