Happy 237th Birthday Marines!

My mom and my sister came into town for the Marine Corps ball this past weekend and we were so incredibly excited to take them! Last year Matt's family were able to make it and we had a blast. The Marine Corps birthday also happens to be my parents Anniversary! So happy anniversary to my favorite couple in the entire world my mom and dad! Their marriage is very inspiring as well as their love for one another. Before the ball we all went the Hemingway's at Pensacola Beach for dinner. The food was of course fantastic! I got a mouthwatering salmon fillet and Matt of course went with the steak. We finished off the meal with rum bread pudding and key lime pie, yum.

The ball was at the Pensacola Naval Museum, the same place it was held last year. This venue is really neat because of all the various planes on display. The band was great and overall I really think everyone had a great time! I feel so incredibly lucky to have both my mom and my sister in town even if it was for such a short period. Being so far from both of them has been really tough but luckily we will be headed to Carolina in less than a week for Thanksgiving! While they were here they were able to see Reagan's declining health. She was able to hold down food for one day then the next day she threw up and was no longer interested in food at all. My mom and my sister were very helpful in helping us decide the next steps for Reagan regarding her health. We took her in for surgery as soon as they had availability.

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