November already!

Man how time is truly flying by! Matt's advanced training for helicopters has once again been pushed back. He was scheduled to begin training on Dec. 21 but now he will start on January 10th. From that point we will probably be living in Florida for an additional 9 months or so. So to be quite honest we are probably going to be living in Florida for at least another 10 months. We have gotten used to the hurry up and wait atmosphere of pilot training! Nevertheless we are still very pleased that Matt did indeed select helicopters and he is one step closer to achieving those beautiful wings. (*sigh* maybe one day)

I've kept myself very busy with family photo sessions which has been an absolute blast. Photographing people and meeting new people is one of the best jobs any girl could ask for! I've actually enlisted the help from one of my very best friends, Jami, to be my assistant at all my shoots. She is so great with people and is such a huge help both artistically and physically! This girl holds my bags for me and offers great posing and photo composition ideas! I tell you, when we move away from one another I'll be in trouble.

I've also been filling my time with running. And I mean lots of running. I'm really hoping to be able to accomplish the Pensacola Half Marathon in January so I've been working my behind off trying to get those miles in. So far the training has been relatively good, but there are certainly days where my brain dreads every single step I take. Matt has even agreed to go to Spinning and Crossfit with me, so we've both been on a health kick. (minus the cherry pie he is currently making :-) )

This past weekend Matt and I went with DJ and Jami to the night air show at the Pensacola Naval Air Station. Although the Blue Angels did not fly (they never fly the night show) we still were able to see some pretty amazing stuff! Jami and I were of course very pleased with ourselves when we were able to name multiple aircrafts without our husband's assistance! Needless to say the only photo I ended up taking was next to a Cobra (the aircraft Matt dreams about flying one day). We had a really great time at the show and are really looking forward to the Marine Corps ball this weekend. My mom and sister will be in town for it and I'm sure we will have a wonderful time! So until the next post!!

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