Reagan's Health Update

On Monday, Nov. 12, the vet was able to squeeze Reagan in for the "exploratory surgery" they recommended based off her history and symptoms. As most of you know Reagan has been pretty darn sick for about a month, ever since we've returned from our honeymoon. She would seem to get better then the next day she would get worse. This past weekend she seemed to take a spiral for the worse. She had lost 10 pounds in about a months time and she could barely even stand up on her back leg. The vet recommended that they open her up and take a look at her digestive track to make sure she hadn't eaten anything that she wasn't supposed to. So we took her in and they performed the surgery all day. They called us around 4 and told us it was much worse than they anticipated. Reagan had apparently swallowed quite a bit of carpet and it got stuck in her small intestines. In a lot of cases the surgeon can simply remove the foreign object and stitch the dog back up, however, in Reagan's case the carpet had eaten away at her intestine creating an infection and it was leaking into her stomach. So the only thing they could do was remove an entire foot of intestine and re-join the two ends. The surgery was very intense and the entire staff was incredibly happy about how great Reagan was doing afterwards. She made it through the first two nights after surgery and she is now home with us resting. She is on quite a bit of pain medication and is still pretty groggy. So hopefully if her healing goes well and there are  no infections she should be alright. As of right now it is still on a day-to-day healing basis so we are crossing our fingers that we will be able to travel to North Carolina for Thanksgiving next week. We are both just so thankful she made it through the surgery, she is one strong puppy! 

(here she is resting :-) )

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