15 Weeks Pregnant

Woo HOO hello second Trimester!

How far along?  15 weeks, 1 day finally starting to feel a little chunky :-)!
Size of baby: an apple!
What is the baby up to this week?: he/she can move all their limbs, taste buds are forming and baby can sense light although eyelids are shut! 4 inches from crown to rump

Total weight gain/loss?  7 lbs lost (137 before, 130 now)

Maternity clothes? Not really yet. My jeans that aren't stretchy are starting to get snug around the waste but I still don't think anyone else can notice I'm pregnant, except people who really know me!

Stretch marks? Not yet...

Sleep? I've been sleeping much better lately, except the 4 times I get up to pee!
Best moment last week? Getting back into exercising. I went to Crossfit twice! I also have only felt nauseous a couple times.
Movement?  Nope not quite, the doctor doesn't think I'll be able to feel anything until about 20 weeks.
Food cravings? Nothing I can think of! I did however eat a hamburger and french fries on Friday, which if you know me is a HUGE accomplishment. It was delicious!
Gender? Not sure yet! 7 more weeks until the gender reveal party!
Labor signs? Nope
Belly button in/out? Kind of out already? I have a weirdo outie so it definitely pokes out more than it used to.
What I miss: running long distances and finding easy lunch foods since I ate so much deli meat before pregnancy which is a no-no now.
What I am looking forward to: The gender!
Milestones: I can finally eat again! About half the portion compared to pre-pregnancy. Working out again!

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