Nursery excitement!

So although we do not know yet what we'll be having I've decided to get cracking on my ideas for the nursery. Although I will deliver here in Pensacola we will probably only continue to live in Pensacola for a couple months after that (not sure where we will be going). So I figured I shouldn't bother setting up an entire nursery until we get to our next state and stage of training. Long story short, I'm pretty bummed I can't nest and set up an adorable nursery but I will get everything in order and set it up as soon as we get to our next place! Here are my ideas for both boys and girls. Matt predicts it will be a girl while I have a hunch it is a boy.

For a boy?
Colors: dark browns, navy, orange
furniture-dark wood or cherry, glider-tan

And if it's a girl:
Colors: undecided between pale palette- pinks, grays, greens, yellows OR rich purple 
furniture-dark wood/cherry, glider-dark brown or tan

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