What's we've been up to!

Matt has officially started advance helicopter training and so far he is really enjoying it! He is scheduled to have his solo flight sometime next week and he is so excited every day that he comes home from a flight. Not too much else has been going on around here except for the occasional night out or dinner with friends. We have a lot to look forward to in the next few months and we are thankful for Florida's not so harsh winters.

Our wedding was featured in the local magazine Coastal Weddings and we picked up a couple copies of our own:

A new get together we've been doing. Tea time in the week! It's been really fun, pictured below is at Jami's house, I'll be the next to host. 

Corrinne hosted the first :-) 

A night out at World of Beer with Jami and Gabriella.

Our two trouble-makers fast asleep. Reagan is feeling great and completely healed finally!

For Valentine's Day Matt took me out to dinner to a super delicious Italian place. We had a lovely dinner and exchanged cute little presents.

Mom and Dad had an amazing time on their trip to the British Virgin Islands and now they are most busy busy and back to work. Mom is catching up on all her responsibilities at hospital and Dad is preparing for more trips to Key West and other locations. I miss them like crazy and can't wait to see them soon.

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