21 Weeks Pregnant

How far along?  21 weeks, 2 days
Size of baby: as long as a pomegranate! 10.5 inches long
What is the baby up to this week?: Growing for sure, I am starting to feel for sure pregnant. The baby can now taste and swallow.
Total weight gain/loss? up another lb 134, 137 before pregnancy
Maternity clothes? wearing maternity jeans all the time or dresses or leggings
Stretch marks? nope
Sleep? nothing to complain about I go to bed pretty early and have the luxury right now to sleep in so life is great!
Best moment last week? the assistant pastor at my church coming up to me and saying "Ooh! look at the baby bump!"
Movement?  yupp a little bit everyday now, he or she loves to move around at night
Food cravings? still sweets I would say, nothing major but I do love cupcakes
Gender? we find out today! The rest of the world will find out at the gender reveal party on Saturday!!
Labor signs? Nope
Belly button in/out? haha definitely out. At times you can see my outie sticking through my shirt
What I miss: nothing really this week! Life is pretty great
What I am looking forward to: The gender of course and for my mom, sister, and in-laws to come this weekend to celebrate at the Gender Reveal Party.
Milestones: More and more people are starting to look at my belly with a puzzled look, like is she pregnant or isn't she?
Other Symptoms: heartburn mostly after every meal. Headaches occasionally. Some round ligament pain but nothing too terrible this week.

This is the last week baby Johnson won't have a gender! Can't wait I predict a boy and Matt says girl all the way!

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