24 Weeks Pregnant

How far along?  24 weeks, 3 days
Size of baby: as big as an eggplant! Almost 12 inches long
What is the baby up to this week?: growing like crazy, can now respond to sounds and  be startled by them
Total weight gain/loss? broke even this week 137lb (137 before pregnancy)
Maternity clothes? yupp! the top in this picture my mom bought me from Target, I can still fit in my old jeans but I wear a rubber band around the button
Stretch marks? none yet 
Sleep? sleeping just fine missed my pregnancy body pillow while I was away though!
Best moment last week? getting able to tell Timmy and Danielle that they are Lucy's godparents and also seeing my high school friends.
Movement?  more and more each day!
Food cravings? York peppermint patties, anything sweet
Gender? little baby Girl!
Labor signs? Nope, but I think I did get braxton hicks contractions while walking around the mall my doctor says they are nothing to be alarmed about
Belly button in/out? OUT! all the way, my neighbor's 3 year old loves to poke it
What I miss: Running and more running, I walk a lot but it certainly isn't the same, hard exercise in general I get restless
What I am looking forward to: Meeting her of course
Milestones: Having my family and friends able to feel her in my belly
Other Symptoms: Tightening of my belly sometimes, dry skin occasionally nothing bad!

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