Duel Gender Reveal Party!

Most people already are well aware that one of my best friends Jami Harris is also pregnant. Her due date is 5 days after mine and needless to say we feel pretty blessed to be able to share our pregnancies with one another. We both really wanted to have a gender reveal party so what's better than one gender reveal... two! I've decided to have cupcakes made and have them filled with either pink or blue icing. Jami decided to have a box filled with helium pink or blue balloons. 

We had an amazing turnout at the party and we were so excited that so many of our family and friends wanted to share this special moment with us! My mom and sister were able to fly in as well as Matt's mom and dad. We had a lovely 3 days hanging out with everyone and really realize just how important spending time with family is. Needless to say this was quiet a tearful goodbye as I saw my mom and sister get on planes to their separate lives, but hey that's just how life is. We've learned to enjoy every moment that we get to spend together and we now treasure it more than I can express. 

So both Matt and I knew the gender of Lucy 5 days prior to the party. We were beyond excited when the ultrasound tech told us we were going to be having a girl. I mean I am quite possibly one of the girliest girls out their and I now have bows, glitter and pink visions! Matt turned to me and just smiled and said "I knew it all along." And the truth is he really did. From the moment I was first pregnant he turned to me and said "it's going to be a girl, go ahead and buy pink stuff because I know." I however was pretty convinced we were going to have a boy. I was definitely wrong and holding it in from our family before the party was certainly tricky! We were really good and did NOT spill the beans. They all bit into the cupcakes having no idea which way it was going to go. My mom and my sister had both voted boy as well as my dad and Matt's dad. Matt's mom changed her vote to a girl at the last minute! 

We had a blast at the party and I am so thankful to everyone who came and helped and cooked and cleaned! Jami and I hosted the party (along with our husbands.) Thank goodness for Jami and April the night before hanging all the decorations! I was feeling pretty miserable due to a cold all weekend so my mom and sister and mother-in-law also stepped in and took over with food preparations etc. So HUGE thanks to you all !

My best friend Jami revealed the gender of her baby with balloons. I thought for sure she was going to have a boy and tears welled up in my eyes when I saw those hot pink balloons float out. Because at that moment Matt and I were the only two who knew that both couples were blessed with baby girls. I feel overwhelmed at times with how lucky I am to not only be pregnant but to also share this time with one of my best friends. We complain together about our pregnancy woes and laugh at the humorous situations. I mayyy have given Lucy's gender away due to the fact that I couldn't stop jumping up and down! After the balloons we headed inside for cupcakes. We face-timed my Dad as well as Matt's sister and our nephew and niece. We all bit into the cupcakes to find a PINK inside!! Wahoo! 

We can't wait to meet Lucy and Georgia! 

Here's some photos from the day:

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