Tea Time !

My good friend Corrinne decided that it was about time us ladies got together for no special reason at all on occasion to have tea. The first tea was at her house and Jami hosted the second. I of course thought the idea was brilliant and what better way to enjoy company with friends than over mini sandwiches, desserts and tea! It also gives us all a great excuse to get out our table linens, tea pots, and other wedding gift items that are usually stowed away. We all realize this is a bit old fashion and slightly silly but hey it gives us all something to look forward to every once in awhile.

This week tea was at my house and I had a great time creating all the food and the weather was absolutely beautiful! Myself, Corrinne, Jami, Caitlin and April all gathered on Monday and enjoyed our lack of responsibilities for a couple of hours and chowed down. Here are some pictures:

On the menu was:

Parmesan, apple tuna salad sandwiches
Cranberry, celery, walnut deluxe chicken salad sandwiches
Green Tea cupcakes
Bacon, apple, walnut & feta salad with red wine vinegar red onion vinaigrette
Almond tea cookies

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