32 Weeks Pregnant

How far along?  32 weeks
Size of baby: as big as a squash. 3.5 ish lbs
What is the baby up to this week?: baby can blink her eyes and major brain development
Total weight gain/loss? 144/145lb (137 before pregnancy)
Maternity clothes? yupp! mostly maxi skirts 
Stretch marks? none yet 
Sleep? sleeping pretty well still! Lots of pillows help however Matt usually has to push me out of the bed or I just roll out ;-)
Best moment last week? seeing so many of my family and friends !! I had such an amazing time and feel so blessed to have received so many gifts and gift cards
Movement? tons of movement she is now doing rolling motions more than kicking I'd say and her foot is always crowding my ribcage!
Food cravings? fizzy drinks, sweet frog frozen yogurt
Gender? girl all the way!
Labor signs? Nope
Belly button in/out? Out of course
What I miss:  My preggo best friend :-( She left last week and I feel like a giant piece of me is missing !! Also I miss painting my toes, although pedicures are nice at the salon. Bending over easily I'd say is also something I took for granted before.
What I am looking forward to: my baby shower in Maryland and also my sister's graduation!
Milestones: Made it past 30 weeks! We are now in the single digits! Better start getting everything ready!!
Other Symptoms: nothing major this week. Occasional pain in my lady parts no other complaints!

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