33 Weeks Pregnant

How far along?  33 weeks
Size of baby: as big as a honeydew melon!!!. 3.5- 4 ish lbs
What is the baby up to this week?: the amniotic fluid is maxed out making baby more and more cramped in there!
Total weight gain/loss? 144/145lb (137 before pregnancy)
Maternity clothes? yupp makes it easy to figure out what to put on considering most nothing fits quite right! And it is 90 degrees here already!
Stretch marks? nope I think I'm getting that line 
Sleep? sleeping good still however I wake up approximately 4 times at night and usually wake up starving! About every two hours I'd say!
Best moment last week? picking out so many baby items with Matt!!
Movement? lots! No longer cute little flutters, at times I feel like she is attempting an escape directly through my naval !
Food cravings? sweets sweets and more sweets
Gender? baby girl !
Labor signs? Nope she still needs some time to cook!
Belly button in/out? Out of course
What I miss:  Not waddling !
What I am looking forward to: seeing who she looks like! and if she has hair 
Milestones: turning 24 on Sunday!
Other Symptoms: Leg cramping sometimes, waking up about every two hours at night, dry skin 

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