Another farewell

Ugh today was the day we've been dreading for such long time. The Harris's moved out of whiting pines and are officially headed to North Carolina for their first permanent duty station. As most anyone who reads this blog knows, Jami and I have become super close. She lives only a few houses down the street from me and living this close has been such a great experience. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding and we've become such close friends it is hard to believe I've only known her for a few short years. I am convinced God placed Jami in my life to make my transition into the Marine Corps lifestyle so wonderful. There are certain people that come into your life and you can't help but wish you'd known them since you were born. We are alike in so many ways yet with our differences we've taught one another so much. She is one of those individuals who would do anything for you, and I mean anything. She lights up any room and can make anyone feel welcome with her warm presence. She says whatever is on her mind yet deeply cares about the feelings of all those around her. We've been described as a bit of a whirlwind when we are together. I value her friendship more than words can express.
Jami: thank you for everything. I will miss your detailed stories, your sappy friendship statements, your dozens of cardigans, your quick wit, ridiculous humor, loud laugh, and never ending support. Thank you for showing me how the smallest details in life can mean so much. And how the smallest gestures can make people feel so loved. I'd be lost in this life without you and thank goodness you are only ever a phone call away.
And DJ: thank you for always being there for Matt and I. I'll will truly miss your ocd ways and your burly presence. I'll miss your cheeseball smile and everytime I handle glitter or sand I'll think of you. You and Jami's interaction and marriage have taught me so much and I look to you both for guidance in so many ways.

 Jami and DJ are such special individuals and I am the luckiest person to call them our Marine Corps family. It becomes very easy to become comfortable with the people you meet in this military lifestyle in a short period of time. It's easy to forget that each place you live is only temporary. I guess if you spent your days worrying about where you're headed next would drive anyone crazy! Anyway Matt and I can't thank Jami and DJ enough for their endless support, love and friendship. I know I could call either of them for anything and they'd be there in a second. I can't sit here and dwell on the thought that we may never live just a few steps away from one another. I could easily work myself up and wallow in the idea that one of my very best friends just drove away for good, but I won't. (I did that all morning my eyes are quite poofy :-/) Instead I will thank God for the past two years that we've had with this amazing couple. We've shared so many memories and so many milestones together. I'm so sure this won't be the last time we run into them and I'll pray that somewhere down the road we will once again only be separated by a few houses. One day we will probably be attending either Lucy and Georgia's weddings and reminisce about our time during flight school. Love you more than words can say. Good luck to both of you, kick ass in the 53 helo world DJ, and Jami keep my niece safe :-)

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  1. My lovely cousin... there are so many amazing things about military life but often the hard ones trump them. Just know that each friendship you form teaches you something you need for the future and that you teach others as well. The military is a small, small world and those you love will come back to you. I'm so proud of you!