Congratulations to Mer and Gary!

This past weekend I traveled to good old Calvert County for my best friend's wedding. I was so incredibly happy that I got to spend a few days prior to her wedding with Mer and her family. I also got to see my parents as well as my sister and Timmy!! 

Everything turned out absolutely perfect!! All the hard work Meridith, her mom and Gary put in really paid off and the wedding was stunningly elegant. I'm talking magazine perfect. The both of them looked so in love and I would say I teared up more than a few times during that weekend! Meridith was by far the most gorgeous bride and you could see on Gary's face that he felt the same. Meridith and I have known each other since we were about 8 years old and it is truly amazing how after all these years not much has changed with our friendship. I know I can always turn to her for anything and I will be able to for our entire lives. It was so nice spending so much time with the Thompson family and I can't believe Meridith is married!! My oh my how things have changed. I could gush on and on how blessed I am to have a friend like Mer! She has always been my other half and she is truly a sister to me. Here are some photos from the weekend:

She is so gorgeous!! 

Reunion with friends 

And I got to see my mom dad and sister! What a great weekend.

Courtney and me

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