Happy Saturday! and Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Although technically I am not a mother yet who says a pregnant lady can't celebrate mother's day! Anyway I am so excited I get to be with my mom a few days after mother's day in person this year!! I also get to see my mother-in-law too! It is really going to be such a fun weekend.

The older I get the more I feel like I turn to my mom for guidance and support. Especially with my own little one coming I will need all the advice I can get. This includes all the mother's in my family aka (Grandma Templon, Grandma Harlan, Mom, Aunt Cindy, Aunt Ann, Jessica, Jennifer and of course ALL of Matt's side, so many wonderful mothers to name on his side!) Happy mother's day to all the mothers in my family I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend!!

Here are some random pictures that I took this week:

Details from Lucy's room: more pics to come!

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