34 Weeks Pregnant

How far along?  34 weeks
Size of baby: as big as a cant elope!!!. 4 ish lbs
What is the baby up to this week?: the amniotic fluid is maxed out making baby more and more cramped in there!
Total weight gain/loss? 145lb (137 before pregnancy)
Maternity clothes? definitely, I was able to squeeze into a pair of old shorts but it lasted all of 30 minutes. 
Stretch marks? nope not yet hoping they can stay away for another 6 weeks!
Sleep? sleeping decent I'd say. Some nights are better than others and I feel bad for Matt for always waking him up!
Best moment last week? hitting the 34 week mark is a major milestone for development. The baby is basically ready for the world but we definitely want her to cook another 6 weeks. But if she were born now hopefully there would be no major health complications
Movement? she moves constantly and we love trying to distinguish which body part is poking out of my belly
Food cravings? Starbucks passion tea lemonade! And red meat like burgers
Gender? baby girl !
Labor signs? Nope and I hope not for another 6 weeks.
Belly button in/out? Out !
What I miss:  Bending over!
What I am looking forward to: holding her! 
Milestones: we feel as if we've purchased most everything she needs! We finished her room and now all we need is Lucy!
Other Symptoms: sciatic nerve pain like woah. Lower back pain mild cramping sometimes and mood swings. Lucky Matt ;-)

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