37 Weeks Pregnant


How far along?  37 weeks 2 days
Size of baby: Lucy weighs 6.5lbs the doctor told us! She is about the size of pumpkin!
What is the baby up to this week?: sucking, gripping, kicking.. she can't wait to come out!
Total weight gain/loss? 146/147lb (137 before pregnancy)
Maternity clothes? definitely nothing fits me anymore. 
Stretch marks? nope.. fingers crossed.. one more week!
Sleep? sleeping is a bust lately. I nap a couple hours during the day but I am up every single hour.. poor Matt, and its not like it's the easiest thing getting in and out of the bed either!
Best moment last week? hearing the induction date of July 2nd! 
Movement? she is still moving a lot and I love it, I think it will be the one thing I miss!
Food cravings? cupcakes... what's new?
Gender? baby girl!
Labor signs? contractions occasionally, nothing worth timing
Belly button in/out? outie baby
What I miss:  a better immune system.. After somehow getting salmonella last week I am just happy to feel better. Word of advice salmonella is real.. I didn't even eat raw cake batter or anything and somehow I got it!
What I am looking forward to: ultrasound tomorrow, my mom driving in Saturday!!! and of course delivery.. this week is going to crawl by!
Milestones: made it to FULL TERM! we did it! Everything should be good to go as far as her development 
Other Symptoms: besides the horrible salmonella incident I am feeling better. Braxton Hicks sometimes and tingling of my hands. She is definitely HEAVY!

Side Note:
So as some of you already know I am super blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy. However most recently my blood-platelet count has taken a dip too low and is raising a slight cause for concern as far as a delivery and epidural are concerned. Mine fall just short of the cut-off to be able to receive and epidural so that is definitely a little scary considering I never expected to have to go through a completely natural labor process. My doctor is optimistic that an epidural isn't completely off the table yet but they will continue to monitor my blood platelets on the date of my induction and hopefully we will see an improvement! They may also be able to give me platelets the day of the induction to raise my levels. Luckily this problem is not affecting Lucy in any way, however it is still nerve racking to think I will have to go through this without the epidural which I've heard can work wonders. Ugh. I am also very lucky to have such an optimistic and supportive husband. Matt keeps telling me that whatever happens we will be able to handle and he will of course be right by my side helping me every step of the way. I truly keep thanking God that nothing more serious has occurred thus far and things could always be worse. So we will continue to pray for a happy, healthy baby girl and a safe delivery with or without the epidural. EEK!

Oh and our scheduled induction date is officially July 2nd! I will be admitted into the hospital Monday night the 1st and they will induce me then. So, only one more week and we finally get to meet this little girl, hard to believe it is here already!! I am such an anxious wreck! I have absolutely nothing else to prepare as far as the things we need so I am pretty much waiting around for this baby! We are packed and ready to go, but who knows if we will ever really be ready ;-) Matt is continuing to work his way through advanced flight school training and we are really hoping he can crank out his last few flights here just in time for Lucy's delivery. So many exciting things are happening and the month of July is certainly going to be a crazy one!

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