38 Weeks Pregnant

LAST PREGNANCY PHOTO (before induction!)

How far along?  38 weeks 
Size of baby: Lucy weighs 6 lbs 12 ounces.. she is the size of pumpkin or watermelon! Ugh she feels as heavy as a watermelon!
What is the baby up to this week?: practicing breathing
Total weight gain/loss? 146/147lb (137 before pregnancy)
Maternity clothes? ha that's a definite
Stretch marks? nope please hold off!
Sleep? I've been sleeping on the couch most nights it seems to be easier to wedge my big ol' belly with a bunch of pillows surrounding me
Best moment last week? the last ultrasound and hearing she looked healthy
Movement? oh yes she is getting so big in there that when she moves it looks like I'm being taken over by an alien
Food cravings? nothing really new..? actually I could go for some french fries and a hamburger
Gender? baby girl!
Labor signs? definitely contracting occasionally now.. overall tightening of my belly
Belly button in/out? outie baby
What I miss:  being able to walk at a normal person pace.. not waddling 
What I am looking forward to:  her induction date! We go in Monday night at 8pm and my mom and dad are getting into town TODAY!
Milestones:oh boy we made it to the end! now pray delivery goes well I'm super nervous
Other Symptoms: anxiety about the labor process. SUPER EXCITED ABOVE ALL !!! I can't believe I will be responsible for another human's life in only a few days!

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