A weekend full of celebrations!

Two weeks ago I traveled to Maryland once again, this time to celebrate my sister graduating from medical school. It truly has been such an incredibly grueling journey for Danielle and we all couldn't be more proud! She is officially a DOCTOR! My goodness!! I have to say I even teared up as I saw her receiving her hood. She of all people has worked her little tail off to get to where she is and finally it has paid off. She got her first choice for her residency program in Charleston, SC and her and Timmy are now South Carolina residents! There really is no doubt that Danielle will be a fantastic doctor. She will be practicing family medicine and it couldn't be a better fit for her personality. Timmy has stood by her side the entire time and he is so supportive. So exciting they get to begin a whole new chapter. Danielle's graduation party was a total success and she had so many friends and family there to celebrate her accomplishments here are just a few shots:

Check out this cake!! Julie, our cousin, truly out-did herself with this one. Absolutely amazing and the inside was ambre. Totally beyond impressed.

 (Danielle with all her god children -below)

I have hundreds more photos but this gives you a little idea about how fun the party was!

We also celebrated with my baby shower and I can't thank everyone enough for coming! I had such a lovely time visiting and chatting about baby things! I feel so very lucky to have so many people supporting me, Matt and Lucy. The amount of love for this baby is unreal, we all just can't wait to meet her. My sister and mom did such a fantastic job planning every little detail, from decor, to games, to food. Julie, thank you so very much for making the most decadent unique cupcakes I've truly ever had. They were ridiculously delicious and everyone kept asking me where we ordered them from :-) 

Everything was just so much fun!! So thank you mom and Danielle a million times for making it one of the most memorable days of my life. And thank you to all the guests for driving all the way and bringing such generous gifts! I could gush all day about each individual gift I received but I think the post may get a bit long :-) So thanks again for all the thoughtful, handmade items, it means so much. Overall it was a great day to celebrate the arrival of Lucy Mae. LOVE YOU ALL!

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