Hopefully the last farewell for awhile...

So the dreaded day has finally come and gone and the Webster's have moved out of Whiting Pines. Although I've had to say goodbye to three great families in the last few months I don't see how this could ever get any easier. I've literally watched their son Thomas from birth until now and photographed him at every stage. It is so hard to not only see your friends leave but also their children who you've grown to love like they are related. It hurts my heart that I can no longer walk down the street and be greeted by Thomas with open arms, asking to be picked up.

I will try not to get too incredibly sappy but there are just so many wonderful things about Ryan and April that make them such amazing people. They are the type of personalities who would drop anything at a moments notice and help you. (and not in the cliche way, they would literally stop whatever they had going on to be there for you in an instant) I've never met a more genuine, down to earth couple. They take everyone's interests and feelings into account and are constantly thinking of others. The both of them have taught me so much.

April, although I've only known you a little over a year, I feel like we've been friends for much much longer. I'm so glad you and Ryan moved into Whiting Pines and I've been able to develop such a great friendship with you as well as partake in all the small joys of Thomas's development. It's been amazing watching him grow, seeing him take his first steps and now muttering words like banana while testing his boundaries ;-) Thank you for teaching me to give everyone a chance no matter how different from me they may be. Thank you for keeping me grounded all those times I tend to get a little sassy. Thank you for all your healthy muffins and your open front door. Thank you for showing me how to be an amazing mother and for providing support all those times I needed someone to talk to about sometimes pointless things. We were destined to be great friends and I know that I will be able to call you anytime for advice or just a friendly voice.

I know this isn't goodbye, but it is certainly tough to even say see ya later to you, Ryan and Thomas. Ryan is going to make such an amazing Osprey pilot and I cannot wait to get the texts and phone calls about how he is doing and also how you are doing. Thomas is going to grow up so fast, but he is going to be such a fun toddler. You and Ryan do such a great job parenting and I hope Matt and I can take a few tips from you all once Lucy is here. Love you all so much and I can't wait to see you again soon.

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