Self-done Maternity Session

So Matt and I unfortunately couldn't lock in our usual photographer to take maternity photos. Matt's schedule the past few weeks has been pretty nuts considering he knows his schedule only a day at a time. So we decided to do our own maternity session! So we took my tripod, and camera down to Fort Pickens Beach, a private beach just past Pensacola. I assessed the lighting, set the camera to the appropriate settings, handed it over and he fired away! He did such a wonderful job and was so encouraging the entire time. I may just recruit him as a second shooter one day for future photography jobs :-) We also got some great shots of the two of us together. We had such a fun time together and the photos show that. Here are some of my favorites:


  1. I love that shirt! I am looking to take my maternity pics soon and wanted the same one. Where did you find it?!

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