A journey across country

Phew! We've officially made it to California ! Matt's journey was much longer due to the fact that he drove YUCK! Luckily I have an amazing husband who realized I would be a horrible complaining cross country car ride companion, therefore he bought me and Lucy a plane ticket and we arrived days after ! Thank goodness I had the help of Matt's mom and sister considering I had an obscene amount of luggage. Needless to say Lucy was a champ. The child literally did not fuss once and received dozens of complements about how perfect she is (of course I have to agree)! 

Lucy's first plane trip at 2 months old! Very ironic considering my parents moved across country from Cali to MD when I was just 10 days old!

We stayed a couple nights at Grandma Helen and Uncle Martin's house in LA and ventured out to Santa Monica for dinner. It's nice to know we will have family a little over an hour away :) 

Currently we are living in a hotel on base at Camp Pendleton until our condo is available. They are revamping all the kitchens and that means Matt, Lucy, and I will call the camp Pendleton hotel home for about 10 days. Joy.. another transition. I'm so incredibly ready to be settled. Lucy is quite possibly the most easy going baby in the world but even she has been getting extra fussy on occasion. We imagine we will be here anywhere from 4-9 months all depending on how fast they want to push him through.. Then back to NC we go! We are pretty thrilled to be able to live in Cali for this short amount of time and we plan to take full advantage of our surroundings. 
Until the next post! 

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