Almost settled...

We've been in California for over two weeks now and unfortunately are not in our own place. The on-base housing office told us that our condo would be available by mid September. We were promised over and over again that we would have a house so naturally we made no other arrangements. We spent 10 days in the hotel on base because the military reimbursed us for that amount of time. After the ten days we packed up and headed over to the Schaub's house. Thank goodness for this family! Caitlin and Chris opened their home to us without question and we can't begin to thank them enough for their generosity. This family has two adorable children of their own Quinn 3, Rylan 2 1/2, so for them to open their homes to Matt, Lucy, and myself, is pretty incredible. They are like family and it's been wonderful catching up and seeing how much her little ones have grown up. (Quinn is quite the helper with Lucy!)

So the latest with our housing situation is quite crappy. Every day we've called housing and asked when our condo would be ready. (considering it was supposed to be ready 3 days ago..) They literally can't give us ANY idea as far as a timeline of when we can move in. With the renovations they aren't exactly in a rush to get them finished.

So with no definitive answers from the housing office I decided to go to the source. I went into the neighborhood, Lucy in tow, and walked into one of the condos. I came across the first construction worker and asked him if he had any idea when the condos would be ready. Surprisingly enough the construction worker was able to give me more information than the dang housing office! Anyway... come to find out he told me the housing wouldn't be ready for at least four more weeks! (at a minimum). So needless to say I took matters into my own hands and called an apartment complex minutes from the base and asked to see one of their condos. So long story short, Matt, Lucy and I will be moving into a two bedroom apartment this Saturday. The apartment is tiny and we couldn't exactly afford anything larger. (Cali is silly expensive) But good news is we will make it work and we will make it home for the next 6 ish months!

So after 9 weeks of living out of a suitcase we will finally have a new address by this Saturday! It wasn't what we were hoping for and we've hit some bumps along the way but luckily we are together, and in the grand scheme of things that's all that matters. :-) Pictures to come soon of our adorably tiny new home.

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  1. Way to make it work - your military wife skills are showing.