Dog Days...

We decided that the dogs deserved a day out of the apartment. They've been such great troopers throughout this move and now we have them cooped up in a two bedroom apartment with no yard. (obviously) We went to the Del Mar dog beach and they had such a great time! Talk about perfect weather. The weather here is absolutely unreal. We actually sat down to dinner the other night and I asked the waitress if it ever rained.. she laughed and simply said 'never.' Then she revoked it by saying, "well sometimes it sprinkles." After living in Blacksburg, Virginia, I got my fair share of rain, so the fact that we don't have to turn on our air and I can have the windows open all day is amazing! Here are some pics from the dog beach:

And of course a few of Lucy:

Here she is "talking"

We also checked out this monthly run in Carlsbad called the Adventure Run. They have one once a month benefiting different organizations. This month the run benefitted leukemia research. It was really fun! The 'run' was about a 3 mile radius and basically at all different locations there were checkpoints where you would receive a ticket once you ran to it. At the end everyone had tons of tickets and there was a raffle with free give aways. We plan on doing it next month most likely! (and it was the first time using the running stroller.. baller)


  1. I definitely think that after living in Blacksburg, no rain is a good thing (I am a hokie too and definitely don't miss the dreary weather!) Your weather in CA looks absolutely gorgeous though!

  2. Another Marine wife (on the other coast) that stumbled on your blog! I love it! You have a beautiful family!