Downsizing with a smile on our face

So we can finally say that we have a place of our own! Since on base housing fell through we are now delightfully packed into our 2 bedroom apartment! But really we can't complain because it is quite cute and for now it's all the space we need. ( until Lucy becomes mobile !) anyway so it's been about 3 days since the big move in and we are far from being completely settled. With Matt at work and Lucy needing me most every second the process is a slow one. As I'm opening the boxes I'm thinking to myself. 'Do we really have to do this again before the summer !'. But regardless I'm so thrilled to get back into some sort of routine with Lucy.

Here are recent moments I've captured:

The day after we moved in Uncle Martin and Grandma Helen came down for dinner and Matt made homemade pizzas. We had a lovely visit with them and Grandma Helen was able to hold Lucy while I fussed around the house trying to get somewhat organized! These are her photos!

Matt and I also celebrated our 2 year anniversary!! Yay, hard to believe all the things we've done in 2 years. I can't wait to see what's to come and couldn't imagine a better person by my side. 

We also celebrated Matt's 25th birthday! Oh boy time is flying now! It's kinda crazy to think that we met when we were 16. We celebrated with a low key dinner and I made a homemade apple pie. We plan to use a gift card my mom bought him to treat ourselves to dinner at the Charthouse sometime soon.

Until the next post!

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