Lucy- 2 Months Old

Lucy- 2 months

Length: 23 inches
Weight: 11 lbs 5 ounces
Appearance: bright eyes! huge and observant. Long legs and long curly eyelashes. New brown hair is coming in.
Firsts: First set of shots :-( First airplane ride! First time to the beach. First time sleeping without a swaddle. First time sucking her thumb!
Personality: Lucy is still quite the easy going baby. Already I can begin to see her personality shine through. She can be a super lazy baby (especially when it comes to tummy time). She isn't the biggest fan of her carseat but loves to nap completely sprawled out with her arms up in the air. She loves to suck her thumb and much prefers it over her pacifier. She likes to be sung to and sometimes its the only way I can calm her down. She loves to stare at the fan and coos constantly.
How Mama is Feeling: I feel a little frazzled at the moment. We've had so many transitions within the past month that I'm surprised Lucy hasn't been more cranky. Currently we are living in a hotel and I have about 1/10th of the things I need. Matt has gone back to work so Lucy and I have been hanging in the hotel enjoying each other's company. I've sort of gotten used to the late-night feedings, but every night is definitely a struggle to keep my eyes open. I'm also feeling very blessed to have such a supportive family to help us through all this. It's pretty amazing how I can already look forward to having more children. If I wasn't so exhausted all the time, the thought of multiples may seem more appealing. But hey! you can sleep when you are in heaven I suppose. I'm still feeling anxious at times; I often wake up in the middle of the night in a panic, thinking I've forgotten to do something for Lucy. Overall I'm feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to get to call Lucy my own. She brings me so much happiness.
What I've learned as a mom: They sometimes cry for NO reason at all! And that time is usually right when you want to sit down for dinner. Spit up comes out of everything, poo often does not. (I actually threw a onsie away because it was basically destroyed by a blow out!) I've come to understand that there are times when you can't fix her crying immediately. I've learned to accept help from those around you, because chances are they want to help. I've learned that some days are easy and some days are super rough. (one day at a time :-)) I've learned to always always have multiple outfits in your diaper bag. I've learned that sleep is completely overrated .. well kind of. ;-) I've learned that all is right with the world when I see her smile up at me.  On another note... I give mad props to all the breastfeeding mamas out there. Especially those who are able to do it in public. We've been out and about so often that I've been forced to tackle this part of motherhood, needless to say it is frustrating but we are making it work! 

Here are some recent photos:

(Above: the GORGEOUS handmade blanket miss Caitlin Schaub made Lucy. It is hand stitched! I am obsessed with it and plan to use it for dozens of photo-shoots. Thanks Caitlin! Love you!)

 Gorgeous Oceanside just minutes from Camp Pendleton!

Lucy's first time to the beach:

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