Baby Wise- Book Review

There are dozens upon dozens of baby books out there! How on earth is a new mom to decide what to read, what to believe, and more importantly, what will work! I decided to read the big two that most everyone talks about. They have incredibly opposing ideologies so I figured it would be good to examine them both. Once that baby comes there is rarely any time for reading, however hopefully this post will act as a helpful synopsis for anyone reading it!

  Let's begin with BabyWise. This book is basically all about parent-driven sleep scheduling. I have to admit of all the books I've read/skimmed this one really did seem to help quite a bit. It goes into detail saying how from day one babies thrive from a schedule, which is certainly true. This book is super hung up on making sure your baby sleeps alone (not in your arms) for every single nap from day one. It talks about the importance of letting your child "cry it out" if all their other needs are met. (meaning they are probably fighting sleep) This book also gives detailed scheduling of how a newborn's day should go. It emphasizes "full feedings" and no snacking. Most newborns fall into a deep sleep after eating and this book requires you to do everything in your power to wake your baby to ensure that they eat long enough, so they sleep long enough. Another notion this book talks about is the required awake time after feedings. These authors explain how it is important that your newborn recognizes a EAT PLAY SLEEP pattern. They do not suggest nursing your baby to sleep instead they say you should lay your baby in their sleep area alone while they are still awake, in an attempt have the baby develop self-soothing techniques so he/she can fall asleep alone without excessive rocking/singing/bouncing/eating... etc.

What I feel about this book:
I found some of these concepts a little strange because as a newborn your baby will literally sleep wherever and whenever they want! There is rarely any sort of schedule for the first 4 weeks at least. Not to mention the fact that we as new moms literally want to hold our babies all the time. Putting them down alone every time they close their eyes just seems silly if you ask me. The truth of the matter is, you cannot spoil your baby with too much physical attention during the first 3 months of their lives. In the beginning your baby is counting on you to respond to their needs whatever they may be. Providing physical touch and affection are just as necessary as feeding, changing, and burping. In my opinion letting your baby "cry it out" when they are only a few weeks old doesn't make any sense what so ever. Leave it to the 7 month old to manipulate you with their cries..  not a newborn. This book left me feeling like a failure. When Lucy wouldn't take naps longer than a few minutes I couldn't imagine what I was doing wrong. When your baby is first learning how to eat they rarely eat for the "full feedings" this book talks about. Often times they will fall into a deep sleep only a few minutes into a feeding. Overall a newborn is learning how to eat just as you are learning how to nurse them.. it's a process. I do however agree with this book on the importance of a good nap and a full feeding. Babies sleep best and longest (well maybe not longest) when they are on their backs alone in a bassinet/pack-in-play etc. and when they are nice and full! Some days I would feel like supermom and Lucy would go down for naps like a champ. Sure enough the next day she simply wanted to be held all day long. So I take this book with a grain of salt and say it is worth a read. But don't become hung up on sleep scheduling like I was.. eventually they will sleep and it will be wonderful. :-)

The next post will be about The Happiest Baby on the Block

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