Hard nights lead to brighter days.

Motherhood is everything I've wished for and nothing I've expected. (if that makes sense at all)
The other evening Lucy had a doozy of a night. After a solid two hours of sushing, rocking, singing, burping, feeding, changing, and bouncing nothing seemed to work. Lucy kept crying, and crying, and crying, and crying some more. I know I am a very lucky mommy, in the sense that Lucy is usually pretty easy going. Last night was not one of those easy going evenings. Long story short we were eventually finally able to get her to fall asleep. She was beyond the point of exhaustion and I was at my wits end, tears streaming down my face. I turned to Matt and said "What do we do?" We had tried everything! Eventually I placed her in her bassinet walked out of the room and Matt started his timer. Sure enough 6 minutes of solid screaming (and me plugging my ears holding myself back from rushing into her room) went by and she finally tuckered herself out and fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. Sheesh! The past few weeks had been going AMAZING, I was finally beginning to feel as if I had this mom business figured out. I've learned that the moment you think you've got it all figured out.. everything changes. (so stay on your toes ;-))

So it was one of those nights! And I'm sure we have dozens more to look forward to not only with Lucy but also as our family goes. I'm lucky enough to have a level-headed partner by my side who constantly tells me everything is going to be OK. Matt is my biggest fan and assures me that I am in fact doing a great job and I should give myself more credit. What a good guy :-) So this morning my bundle of joy is all smiles.. as am I! And of course I wouldn't leave this post without including some adorable pictures of our big 3 month old.

We've incorporated story time into our nightly routines. She can actually grab onto the book!

Love this onsie!

Until the next time.. also check out the healthy pumpkin recipe I posted!


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