Lucy- 3 Months old

Lucy - 3 months

Length: 24 inches (guessing?)
Weight: 13 lbs (ish) she doesn't see the doctor until next month
Appearance: getting some chubby cheeks and baby rolls! Super observant and bright eyed. Long legs and a tubby belly
Firsts: First time playing by herself on her play-gym. First time using a toy (Sophie the Giraffe) First time going for a run with Mama. First time rolling to one side. 
Personality: Lucy is getting stronger and feistier. She now will wine if she doesn't want to do something (such as riding in her carseat) And it is a much more distinguishable cry than her hungry/tired/wet cries. She loves company. If she has company in the backseat as we drive she is 90% less likely to cry. She enjoys being talked to and loves to 'talk' back. She likes the television and loves to stare at the fan. She is a HUGE fan of the gym-mat and actually reaches for the toys dangling above her. She is clingy around dinner time and wants to be rocked and held. She is sleeping anywhere from 4-8 hours at night, depending on the night and I think she may have started to teeth. She is constantly trying to put her hands in her mouth and is drooling a lot. She is super smiley first thing in the morning when she see's either Matt or my face. If I'm not looking at her, each time I look back she is staring directly at me, almost studying my appearance. She loves bath time but hates getting out of the bath. 
How Mama is Feeling: I am feeling overall pretty great. The nights that she decides to sleep more than 6 hours I feel like supermom in the morning. The days when she chooses not to nap are tough but for the most part I feel as if we are getting into a solid routine. I feel tired of course and at times pretty lonely. Matt is at work a lot and even on the weekends he typically has duty. So by the time he gets home I am sure happy to see him. I get anxious still when I have to run errands with her, which is all the time. I'm really just trying to soak up every moment with her and not let the stresses of life get to me. 
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that when she smiles everything is right in the world. I rejoice in the smallest victories. (such as putting her down successfully for a nap, making dinner with her on my hip, or calming her when she is inconsolable) I've learned that motherhood is all about multi-tasking, (while at the doctor getting a shot I was able to hold her and feed her.. that's talent!) I've learned that everyone smiles at you when you have a baby (and why wouldn't they!) I've learned that some days she will just be fussy, some days she will just want to be held, and those days I do just that because 5 years from now she may not want to be held. I've learned how mad I can get when something wakes her from her nap, or how my heart breaks when I'm on the highway, unable to pull over, while she's wailing in the back seat. More importantly I've learned how absolutely lucky I am to call this little girl my daughter, and how amazing of a gift she is. Each day brings new fun things with her and it makes me look forward to every tiny milestone she crosses.

Also I've made her birth announcements! Just have to print and send them so look out for them in your mailbox :-)

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