Lucy's birth story

So I swore to myself that I would document my labor process and I've been putting it off. So before my memory fails me and too much time passes I wanted to document the days. Regardless of who actually takes the time to read this doesn't matter too much, but I wanted to make sure that somehow some way I wrote down how the whole process went. I hope to look back on this one day when I no longer have the best memory. Ok so here it goes:

My pregnancy was rather interesting. For the last month we weren't sure whether I was going to be able to even have an epidural. We eagerly checked in at 8:00pm Monday July 1st at Baptist Medical Hospital in Pensacola Florida hoping the process would be quick. Needless to say, because I was induced at 39 weeks, the process was anything but quick. The night crept by with me having to pee about every 30 minutes, and Matt unhooking me and wheeling my IV stand to the restroom. My contractions were sporadic and pretty weak but they still kept me up most of the night. The sun rose and my labor was progressing slowly. With my mom and dad waiting in the wings we all were anxious for me to dilate and for Lucy to make her big debut. 

The night before the nurse informed me that my platelets were high enough and I was allowed to get the epidural. I literally high fived the nurse and thanked God above that I would be shortly receiving the "rolls-royce" of anethesia. (words from my father) So on the day went and I dilated at a relatively normal rate, about a cm an hour. I wasn't able to necessarily relax and endured 2 excruciating hours of natural labor. (props to all those Mamas out there who did natural child labor! I have no idea how !) The contractions were super intense. Matt stood by my side through every single one of them. He would watch the monitor, tell me when they peaked, encouraged me to breathe, then let me know when they were on their way down. The pain was to the point where I definitely couldn't speak through contractions let alone remember to breathe! The height of the contractions make you want to start sobbing but then you aren't breathing, so thank goodness Matt was there to coach me through it. (You'd think he'd done this before ?) My mom was also in the room for most of my labor and was a super cheerleader. I think it was hard for her seeing her own daughter in pain but they both were incredible. Then came the epidural. PHEW! My epidural did not provide complete pain relief but it sure did help! I was super creeped out about the whole needle-in-spine fiasco, so much that once the epidural was set I was terrified to move around in the bed, thinking it would fall out or stab me. (not how it is at all) I was also completely convinced that once my legs went numb they had also physically multiplied in size. I swore that my legs were the size of a Mama elephant. I even turned to Matt and asked him to lift up the sheet to check to see if my legs were in fact still the same size. After he assured me that I still had human size thighs I then began to panic about the fact that I actually could not feel them at all. I was telling my brain to move my legs but I physically could not feel them moving. I yelled at Matt saying "Babe, no joke I think I'm paralyzed, I can't move my toes." He then smiled back saying "Honey, I'm looking at your feet right now and you are wiggling your toes." So a few tears and a ton of reassuring words from my mom and Matt we got through the psychological fear I had of thinking I'd never regain feeling again. 

Then came the FaceTime. My sister unfortunately couldn't physically be there for my labor but she sure as heck was involved through FaceTime. God love her. She of course is all medical and wanted to know every detail from how far dilated I was to how my contractions looked on the monitor. It was great knowing she was a phone call away and I was able to see her face and receive her words of encouragement as well. 

So the hours dragged on, contractions came and went and soon enough I went from 7 to 1o cm. I was ready to push! The nurse asked me to do a practice push before calling the doctor and with a look of surprise she told me she could see the head, and she should probably phone the doctor! In came Dr. Schneider moments later and she checked me. She too was super surprised how low Lucy was and asked me to push. With each contraction I pushed as hard as I possibly could! I pushed for about 20 minutes, about 4 contractions worth and Lucy was here! I keep telling everyone that the actual pushing part wasn't too terrible! It felt so natural and I just couldn't wait to see her face! Matt was super involved and at one point he literally turned to me and apologized. HA! I laughed out loud during my labor and my doctor said "I think you are the first woman I've ever heard laugh while delivering their baby!"

So long story short I pushed and I pushed and out she came. Immediately they placed her on my chest and I saw her for the very first time. She was covered in gunk but the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. Unfortunately that moment didn't last long... maybe 2 seconds. They noticed that she hadn't yet let out that super big cry and were worried she wasn't breathing correctly. So the moment I'd been waiting for the past 9 months took an unexpected turn and I lied there screaming (in my mind) give me back my baby! They stayed in the room with her and I could hear her grunting but not exactly crying. Of course tears sprung to my eyes because I was sitting there, baby-less, not even with a direct view of what they were doing with her. Matt stood by Lucy's side clinging to her finger as the nurses rubbed her and cleaned her hoping she would take a big huge breath and let out a big huge cry. Sure enough what felt like an hour later, (I'm sure it was only minutes), I heard her cry out and it was the OK for the nurses to FINALLY hand her back to me. 

So in a way I feel like I was robbed of that initial moment of Mama to baby contact, but as soon as they handed that perfect bundle back to me I knew what all the hype was. It was the most surreal moment. I couldn't fathom the idea that we had created her, and not only that, but I would be allowed to take her home! In a way I wasn't at all surprised at how she looked. Yes you have an idea with a 3d ultrasound, but not really. It sounds strange but she looked exactly the way I imagined her the entire 9 months. When they returned her to my arms she opened her big dark eyes and took it all in. I was pretty surprised as to how wide eyed she already was and relished in the fact that she was all mine. I can't gush enough about this moment, but it was the single most amazing moments of my life. It's ridiculous how much and how fast you can love someone.

Looking back I honestly had an amazing experience. The pain was difficult and the contractions were awful but all in all I can't wait to re-live the experience. The actual pushing was easier than I expected and the whole experience brings tears to my eyes. Matt was the ultimate supporter and I think because of him I was able to stay strong. 

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