Post Baby Workout Plan

Time to get my fitness on.. it's been four months:

Ok, so as most of you know prior to Miss Lucy I was sort of obsessive about eating healthy and working out. (at times sometimes annoying) I was able to walk/run throughout my entire pregnancy and really focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the whole thing. Since she's been born I have to say I've been a TOTAL slacker. Yes I've gone on a few jogs here and there but really I've been sort of putting it off. It's pretty darn difficult to get yourself motivated to do anything once you have a moment to yourself or when your precious bundle is sleeping. I've made up some super easy workout plans that paired with some neighborhood jogs should hopefully do the trick to tighten this tummy back up! I figured I would share them on the blog that way I can reference them on my phone whenever need be. (or if anyone else is interested in taking a few minutes to do them)!

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