The Happiest Baby on the Block- Book Review

This next book I ordered from Amazon when Lucy was about 6 weeks old. Her sleep scheduling was sort of all over the place and she was sleeping only about 3-4 hours at night. This book also offered some insight into how to calm your crying baby. It focuses a lot on calming colicky babies and when you feel at your wits end how to successfully stop those cries. I was lucky enough to have an easy-going baby, and although she wasn't colicky there were certainly  many nights where she simply would not quit crying!

The gist of this book are the 5 s's. These are: swaddle, side/stomach position, shushh, swing, and suck. These are the 5 ways used all together that you can successfully calm your inconsolable baby. The idea behind this theory is that infants come into the world too soon, and as a parent re-creating the womb atmosphere is the best way to comfort your newborn. It emphasizes the idea that newborns don't need silence. While in the womb they are experiencing lots of movement, white noise, warmth, and a lack of space. By combining the 5 s's in a systematic fashion, according to this book, you should be able to soothe your baby into a nice deep sleep.

What I feel about this book:
This book is super helpful when you have a screaming baby and you've tried everything.. or think you've tried everything. We no longer swaddle Lucy but for the first 2 months we did and it really seemed to help. I swaddled her, held her close, shushed loudly, swung her back and forth in my arms, while she sucked on her pacifier. It truly works for my child and I still do this method wherever we are. (minus the swaddle now).. The book explains how to combine all the 5 s's much better than I could!
This book touches on the topic of breast feeding and is quite opposite compared to Baby Wise. It explains how women in other countries often offer the breast up to 100 times a day! Phew! That definitely is not happening in this house. It does not emphasize the need for a schedule and I  have to disagree with that! So all in all this book is great for learning how to calm your crying baby.. but not so much for getting them to sleep longer!

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