Family Visits and Introductions

This weekend we didn't venture out exploring like we usually do. This past weekend we stayed in for mostly. Matt went golfing on Saturday with his Uncle Matt, Grandpa Lee and friend Dylan, while I had a photo session. We had Uncle Matt, Grandpa Lee, and Judy over for dinner Saturday night and they finally got to meet Lucy! Judy gave Lucy an adorable skirted onsie. On Sunday, Aunt Mia and Uncle Matt stopped by for a little bit so Aunt Mia could meet Lucy. Aunt Mia got her an adorable giraffe 'baby', a cute 9 month outfit, sleeper, and her first piece of jewelry! Lucy now has a super cute pink bracelet that she will most certainly have to wear when she gets baptized. (as soon as we find a church we like :-) We are so lucky to have some family out here on the west coast, its always wonderful sharing Lucy's adorableness with others! We loved seeing all of you!

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