Happy 238th Birthday Marines!

Happy Birthday Marines ! We had such a lovely time at the ball this year. It was the very first time both of us left Lucy for an evening and although I did tear up on the drive to the ball I knew she was in great hands. We left her with our good friends Caitlin and Chris. Caitlin is an incredible mother of two, almost three, and I just knew that Lucy would be well taken care of. The ball was lots of fun and we were lucky enough to also have the company of Uncle Martin and Grandma Helen. This year there was actually a live band and Matt actually danced with me! (I was just as surprised as you probably are) We have lots of friends who are currently stationed at Pendleton so we were excited to share the event with all of them! And of course here are the photos.. (I didn't take my professional camera so sorry for the poor quality!)

dropping Lucy off before the ball ^

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