Happy Halloween- 2013

Halloween already! Can't even believe how time is just flying by. Luckily I take about 100 pictures a day so that I can remember every single moment! This is Lucy's first official holiday and she of course isn't quite old enough to trick or treat but she is definitely old enough to dress up and look adorable! Here in California the weather is cooling off just a bit, making outdoor activities super fun. We were lucky enough to have April and Thomas visit California so we headed over to our good friends the Schaub's to do some trick or treating and hand out candy. These kids are just too flippin' cute! Can't handle all this cuteness! Matt and I didn't go too crazy with our costumes considering Lucy is only almost 4 months. Next year I fully plan on an entire family costume.. but we were farmers and Lucy was our crop :-)

 Finally reunited.. we were only missing Jami :-( and of course Ryan and DJ!

 And to think we will be adding two more to this bunch!! (with April and Caitlin both due before summer!)

 Thomas missed his nap.. and on Halloween. super awesome combo ;-)

 Trick or treating is tiring.. Lucy was definitely tuckered out by the end of it all...

Happy Halloween everyone!! 

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