Having a baby changes everything.. or does it?

I rarely do extensive writing on my blog, however today I'm feeling like writing a little bit more than usual. My husband turned to me today after our walk and said:

 "I know there are hard days, but our life hasn't seemed to change all that much.. I mean I don't feel burdened.. it's like Lucy was always meant to be here."
Now, after he said this it really made me think about the topic of having a child and how your life changes. The number one thing you will hear upon getting pregnant is "Get ready, your life is going to be completely different." Some people say this phrase with positive intentions others give you that look of 'get ready for hell.' I have completely mixed feelings about this topic and here's why:

Yes.. your life is completely different, you have the ridiculous responsibility of keeping another human alive 24/7, the job never ends. The newborn months are super rough and the amount of sleep you are able to function on is absolutely astounding. I am a firm believer that your life should not stop because you have a child. The truth is, your life doesn't stop, and anyone who tells you that is a prisoner to their own kid. I can never remember a time where my parents refused to go and do the things they wanted, simply because they had children. We went everywhere and learned how to behave, whether it be the grocery store, an art gallery or the beach. So thanks mom and dad ;-)

Having a baby is a completely different dynamic but if anything its so much more exciting. Your child lives because of you, not the other way around. Ten days after Lucy came into our world we took her along with us anywhere and everywhere. Sure, taking a baby out and about is quite the task. All the gear you need and the range of moods they may display is only the beginning. Spit up, crying episodes, major poopy blow outs are all part of the fun. As a parent it is up to you how you handle each day. Being overwhelmed with a baby, toddler, or multiple children is completely normal. Each passing day brings new challenges and adventures but I've realized the more I take Lucy out and about the easier it becomes, and the more confident I feel. The smiles I get from a stranger when they see my daughter are so rewarding. (Yes I made her!)

I assume if Matt and I had been super party people, or the extreme outdoorsy type, a baby may have limited us. With our lifestyle, Lucy fits in so much smoother than expected. Since living in California we've done everything we planned to do! (before I was nervous that having a baby meant spending every weekend at home because of her) We can no longer imagine the "ease" at which we were able to go and do before because we have the most amazing member to our family now. The ease at which we are able to up and go may have changed but it is not impossible. I of course only have one child who is almost 5 months old, so I haven't seen the half of it and I know that. I just hope that I can turn to this post 5 years from now, take a deep breath, and continue to live by what I write. Who knows where we will be in 5 years and if we will be blessed with additional children but I know I'm looking forward to it.

So in a way I completely agree with Matt. There is zero burden when you have a baby. There are plenty of tough situations, but never feelings of being trapped. Having a baby doesn't have to change the way you live and the things you do. Having a baby changes the way you think about life, love, and family. Lucy provides me with such a deep appreciation for our life and her life. The difference is it takes a hell of a lot more patience to do those same things, but it's only impossible if you make it that way. I really should thank my husband for showing me how to handle the anxieties of having a newborn. If it weren't for him I may be a recluse. For Matt, nothing is ever too tough to handle, and nothing is ever that big of a deal. He brings me calmness when we do come across those hard days.

Long story short..

Having a baby doesn't have to change everything... and the things she does change are absolutely wonderful

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