How to survive your baby's monthly shots...

She has to get poked how many times!?

^My little one.. happy as a clam, poor baby had no clue what was in store for  her :-(

Some babies sleep.. other babies wail.. Regardless of how your baby behaves after shots here are some tips that help us!

  • Make the latest appointment time possible.
The later the appointment the better for you. Late appointments mean less time that your baby will be cranky for you to handle.
  • Be super friendly to the doctor and staff.
Treat them like they are your very best friend, they will be much more helpful and your overall experience will be much better.
  • Ask the doctor what she recommends doing to help ease your baby.
Each doctor recommends different ways to soothe your baby after pesky shots. Ask your pediatrician what they recommend. I had one tell me to only breastfeed to soothe and the other was pro tylenol all the way.

  • Have the nurse hold your baby down while she receives the shots. 
Although I'm sure your little one would never associate you with the shots, I prefer to take a step back and honestly close my eyes while she receives her shots. Let the nurse do their job.. you don't have to be hands on for this one. As soon as they are over I jump right in and pick her up to soothe her. 
  • Nurse her directly after the shots.
This is the best and easiest way to calm your red-faced bundle. Time the appointment so that after the shots she actually will be hungry to ensure that she latches on long enough to calm her cries.. And you'll leave the office with a full-bellied baby and hopefully a quiet ride home... for now :-)
  • Go straight home.
Drive that car directly home. Your baby had a big day at the Doctor's office.. don't drag her to a friends house or really anywhere, make her comfortable and head home.
  • Dedicate the remainder of the day after the shots to your baby and your baby only. 
Errands, grocery shopping, hair appointments, and workouts can all wait. Today be completely and utterly available to your baby. Just because your baby may fall into what seems like a peaceful snooze after the appointment, don't let that fool you. Chances are she will wake up realize how much she is in fact irritated by those shots and start screaming. No body wants to be in the middle of their grocery list when this happens. 
  • Throw the normal days' schedule out the window. Naps will be thrown off, eating will be sparatic and her mood will be unrecognizable.
My little girl has a pretty standard schedule. She eats every 2 and 1/2 hours, has a morning nap, an afternoon nap, and dozes off during the day if I'm running errands. On shot days I do not follow her normal schedule.. I let her lead the way. When your baby is inconsolable who cares if she ate a mere 30 minutes ago, nurse her if it will calm her down! I also typically try to lay her down alone for nap time.. on shot days I let the little angel sleep in my arms as long as she wants to. 
  • Don't be afraid of baby Tylenol.
For Lucy's first set of shots I was a super anxious, typical new mom and wanted to avoid Tylenol at all costs. I thought "I can soothe her if it gets really bad." 5 hours of fussiness and tears went by before I caved and gave her a dose of tylenol. It worked like a champ, I saw her tired body relax and she was finally able to take a snooze. Just make sure you ask your doctor what dose your baby needs based off her weight!
  • Run a warm bath with lavender to help soothe her.
This works sometimes as a way to calm your baby and her sore chubby thighs. I would not recommend putting a baby in a bath who is screaming bloody murder. Instead use this as a transitional calming method once you've gotten the cries under control. Place warm compresses on the spots where they stuck her. And after the bath nurse!
  • Take the band aids off sooner rather than later. These can sometimes be more irritating!
Band-aids are a pain so as soon as you get home, gently pull those things off. They rarely seem to upset about the band-aid removal but they can be uncomfortable for your baby if left on for too long.
  • Hold your baby as much as you can.
Having skin on skin contact with your baby is just what she needs after her hectic doctor's office visit. Don't worry about spoiling her today.. just hold her!

And finally most importantly....
  • Grab a glass of wine and ride it out... 
If your child is anything like mine she turns into a different baby when it comes to doctor's visits. Do not worry she won't be scarred for life and you are a great mom for getting her immunizations! (They are more than necessary!)  Tomorrow she will be all smiles again an forget it ever happened!

Thanks for reading !

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