Lucy- 4 months old

Lucy - 4 months 

Length: 24 inches
Weight: 13lb 13 ounces 
Appearance: double chin and I'm loving it.. hair is finally growing slowly.. constantly furrowing those expressive eyebrows and getting more adorable baby rolls. She has long fingers and a long torso.
Firsts: First time laughing.. really laughing.. now I spend all day attempting to get her to do it again! First holiday Halloween!! Rolling from belly to back.. and almost back to belly! First time using her Bumbo. First time finding her feet.. then putting her feet in her mouth! First time putting her own pacifier in her mouth. (probably by accident)
Personality: Lucy is becoming a little person! She is very observant of her surroundings and loves to interact with you. She does has the most amazing expressions and loves babbling all day long. She no longer wakes up in a frenzy of hunger.. instead she just makes all sorts of noises almost telling me "I'm ready to get up and play now mom" She is loving bath time and loves to be read to. We have her on a pretty great schedule and she is definitely a schedule kinda baby. She is also loving putting most everything in her mouth. Don't think she is teething yet but we are well on our way with this drooley little thing.
How Mama is Feeling: I feel awesome! There are moments when she simply won't stop crying (Matt's at work) and I feel basically helpless. In those moments I've come to understand that sometimes she just needs to lay by herself and cry it out for a few minutes. Most often I don't even realize she's overtired or over-stimulated and I'm trying everything! I feel much more comfortable taking her out and about wherever I need to go and nursing in public has become a piece of cake. Mostly I feel so lucky to get to be there for every tiny thing she does. I am so looking forward to her growing up (not too fast of course) but I have a feeling she is going to continue to become more and more fun. 
What I've learned as a mom: Phew! It is a constant day by day learning experience. Most times I'm just winging it to be honest. The hardest part at this point is making sure she naps before the dreaded "over-tired" state. Once she reaches this point there is not much we can do except rock her over and over again. I've learned that every single day there are mini milestones that only a mother would notice. I've learned that the Mama Bear instinct is so real and I have an intense desire to never let anything or anyone hurt her. I've learned that I can get furious if anything wakes this child during a nap or at nighttime. I've learned that a good baby burp can solve all your problems. I've learned patience is quiet possibly the most important part of motherhood. Patience with EVERYTHING.. and I'm sure it gets even more important as they enter toddler world. Most importantly I have learned that a stable, supportive, forgiving husband is the key to a happy successful family..and I'm super fortunate I have one of those!

How did I get so lucky!

(Below) Lucy at 3 months

(Below) Lucy a few weeks old

She loves story time and now tries to eat the books

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