Must haves for Baby - Month 4

Month 4 Favorites:

1. Lamaze Baby Toys-- these toys rock! She loves this bird, it keeps her occupied in her car seat and has fun colors and makes crinkly noises.

2. Aden and Anais Bibs- Month 4 means your little one will be drooling a lot! These bibs are super absorbent and you'll be happy when the onsie underneath isn't also soaked.

3. Summer Infant babytouch Digital Color Monitor - now that Lucy has made the transition to her big girl crib, this monitor is a lifesaver. It still feels like she is in the room with me. This is totally worth the investment!

4. Bumbo seat - start using this Bumbo seat because if your little one is anything like mine her chunky thighs are growing like crazy! (and i love the rolls !) This seat is great when I want to do my makeup she sits on the counter top (with me standing right there of course) and watches me.

5. Breathable Baby Bumpers - we just ordered these and they really provide peace of mind for me. It made the transition to her big girl crib easy because I wasn't worried. I have adorable floral old school bumpers which I totally plan on bringing back out once Lucy is able to move around better. Bumpers are a personal preference and I love the pillowy padded ones, but these ones work for now!

6. Bob Stroller with Infant  Carseat Adapter - Lucy loves going running with me and the infant adapter makes it possible for her to do so at the earliest 2 months. (as long as the path isn't too terribly bumpy)

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