Oh happy day

Lucy got spoiled yesterday! Because we are headed to Kansas for Thanksgiving, I started cataloging what she may need for colder temperatures. I then realized that Lucy has close to zero cold weather clothes. We are so blessed to receive all of Elena's hand-me-downs and they have been absolutely wonderful! The seasons are slightly off for her sizing but California is so warm that we haven't needed anything too heavy for her. We headed over to the BabyGap at the Carlsbad Outlets yesterday and snagged some great deals thanks to my good friend Gabriela who works there. (she gave us an awesome coupon!) After shopping we drove around downtown Carlsbad and checked out this super small winery and dropped in for a tasting. I just love impromptu fun days like these! 

^this is how Matt feels about selfies

^ Our teething drooly monster.

Friday afternoon two of my best friends and college roommates drove in from LA to see me, Matt and Lucy! Cara is visiting from Maryland and we had such a fun time catching up. It's great how our friendships go right back to how they've  always been I haven't laughed this much in weeks, so thanks you two, love you more than I can say! Three has never been a crowd with these two and I am so thankful to have been able to spend a few hours together, I definitely needed it!

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