A very merry Christmas

What a fantastic Christmas indeed! My mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law came all the way to Cali to spend the holiday with Matt and I. Although the weather didn't much feel like Christmas, none of us were complaining, especially when we got to ice skate oceanside with a sunny 70 degree day. Anyway we did the traditional, or should I say mandatory gingerbread houses. (It's always super fun after the fact.) Our houses may have toppled over on more than one occasion but that's the fun of it all! We also of course celebrated Dan's birthday with mimosas in the morning and cake and presents in the evening. Christmas morning Matt and I surprised them with their own fun stockings full of goodies. After breakfast we headed to La Jolla and walked around for a bit then ended up at Coronado to ice skate by the sea! It was by far one of the most memorable Christmas days I've ever had. Overall we all did pretty darn good ice skating... I of course was the only one to completely fall flat on my face.. (I'm talking belly flop onto the cement ice, feeling like you got beat up the next day, kind of fall) I didn't let it get me down, Lucy got to hang out on the side lines with Grams and Grand-daddy. What a happy holiday!

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