Cloth Diapering

So after tons of research and lots of positive feedback, I've decided to embark onto cloth diapering. I will admit I am being completely hypocritical at this moment because if you know me, you know I have always had negative words and poo faces when it comes to cloth diapering. I've called moms who cloth diaper crazy! The whole idea of using cloth is super overwhelming and the stigma attached to cloth diapering can be good and bad. Anyway this is my very first blog post about cloth diapering and I plan to update frequently regarding the entire process.

Reasons why I want to start cloth diapering.:

  • I am a stay-at-home mom, and in fact stay at home 95% of the time
  • the cost breakdown for throw away diapers is about $2500 for two years.. 
  • cloth diapers cost about $500 for everything you need for two years...
  • cloth diaper babies statistically are potty trained quicker because they can feel when they are wet, and don't like it. This feeling encourages them to want to be out of diapers sooner
  • I'm not a super eco-friendly kinda person but hey! the amount of diaper trash Lucy creates alone is ridiculous
  • you can double up on the inserts making them super absorbent at night time
  • leaks and poopy blow outs are apparently much less common with cloth diapers
  • diaper rashes are much less common when your baby's booty is in a cloth diaper
  • we plan on having (hopefully) a few more kiddos.. this can save us oodles of money, assuming I purchase gender neutral colors
  • I'm not at all grossed out by my own baby's poo.. much like most mothers, poo doesn't really bother you, especially if it is your own baby
  • if you can do laundry.. you can cloth diaper.. (from what I've read! It's all about optimism!)
  • a cloth diaper hiney is so so much cuter than a gross saggy disposable (especially in the hot summer when they are just running around in a diaper)
  • the "one-size" option I'm trying out should work from newborn all the way up until my child is 30lbs
I bought 14 diapers of this brand: Bum Genius 4.0 One Size, ideally a full time cloth diapered baby will probably need about 24 diapers if I don't want to be doing laundry every single day. But I figured we will work our way up to 24, because the start up cost isn't exactly cheap! (But I just know it will be worth it!)

Typically I am not the "crunchy granola" all organic type of Mama, but I have really done extensive research about these puppies and I truly think the juice will be worth the squeeze in the long run. (Especially considering Matt wants quite a few babes)

 So anyway I've tested two diapers so far and have dealt with one poopy blow out and man did this thing hold up well. I followed the instructions I've researched about washing cloth diapers and was able to remove all the stains with no problem! We have quite a few disposables left so I'm thinking we will gradually transition into cloth diapers only.

Never thought I would be excited about diapers, but hey! I'm embracing all the little things motherhood can bring even if it is excitement over cloth diapers. Until the next post... fingers crossed this goes well :-)

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