Happy December!!

The most exciting time of the year! Although it is still about 70 degrees in California, I am desperately trying to get in the Christmas spirit! The weeks preceding Christmas are truly the only time that I will welcome cold weather. Something about a cold chill in the air really gets me in the mood for Santa and of course a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha. Matt came home in the holiday spirit one evening and so thoughtfully grabbed all our Christmas decor from storage so I could spruce up the apartment! He promised last year that this year we would get a much larger "family size" tree, however considering we are living in an itsy bits apartment, the big tree just wasn't going to work. So we set up our baby tree and it's quite nice! (Hopefully next year I will have a floor to ceiling beauty).  I plan to have this small tree in Lucy's nursery next year.

Christmas to do list:
  • photograph Lucy in an adorable Christmas themed set
  • decorate gingerbread houses (maybe this year we can buy kits Harlan family ;-))
  • watch The Grinch at least 3 times.. once of course with my big sister
  • Bake anything and everything of course
  • purchase Christmas pajamas to open the night before.. (yes matching)
  • purchase a holiday book that we will read every Christmas Eve... time to start traditions
  • purchase personalized family stockings.. (Ok so I already did this.. from pottery barn & they can be found HERE)
  • go to a tacky holiday sweater party (I believe this is in the works !)
^this list is bound to grow I'm sure 

Anyway, we are getting so so thrilled about Christmas just around the corner. My parents, sister, and brother-in-law will be visiting, and I can hardly contain my excitement. I feel like the past month just flew by and Lucy has changed so much. I was looking back at pictures from when she was a newborn and actually started to tear up.. (yes I know she is still a baby at only 5 months old) but my goodness has she changed! Anyway, here are some pictures to be sure to put you in the holiday spirit..

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