Lucy-5 months

Length: 25 inches
Weight: little over 14 lbs 
Appearance: Long legs!! Rolls on rolls and I'm loving it! She is super smiley now and is finally growing some hair. Her eyes are a rich brown and they are super observant and always open WIDE
Firsts: First time meeting the Johnson's side of the family. First time rolling over from back to belly unassisted. First time finding her big girl voice.. she 'talks' like crazy and can be quite loud. First time eating rice cereal! First time being alone without Mama and Daddy for a few hours. First time in her jumper (or exersaucer). First time black friday shopping. First time to Kansas.. as well as first time is less than 60 degree weather. 
Personality: She is such a happy go lucky baby. She loves to be held by anyone and everyone and she is smiling more and more. She loves her belly being kissed and her bath time. She loves eating of course and then puking all over everyone. She loves to hear deep voices and now wants to see the world when we put her in her front carrier. She loves to chew on her feet and suck on her fingers. She really does like a schedule and is a much happier when we've got a couple naps under our belt. 
How Mama is Feeling: I feel great! It was so nice to see family and introduce Lucy. I am loving the amount she is sleeping (roughly 8 hours at night.. knock on wood) I am loving this age and can't believe how fast the past month went. Months 1-3 seemed pretty long and month 4 was gone in an instant! I look over and can't believe how much she's growing and learning. I'm really trying to soak up every moment with her and also document every moment! 
What I've learned as a mom: I've learned that spit up comes out of most everything (thank God) Hearing a good burp is like music to a mother's ears. Cleaning a complete poopy blow out isn't quite the crisis. Strangers will call your baby dressed in all pink with a giant hair bow on her head, "an adorable big boy" I've learned to let Matt take over more often, although I want to literally do it all. I've learned that a pacifier can make all your troubles disappear in an instant. I've learned to take everyone's advice with a grain of salt, and to just go with your instinct. I've learned to take her temperature.. super fun, and no it's not under the tongue. Most of all I've learned that every day is different and to just follow her lead, at this age she will definitely vocalize when she wants or needs something :-)

Happy 5 months baby girl!

Here she is eating rice cereal for the first time:

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