Milestone.. Lucy eats rice cereal !

It's official we've begun the process of introducing solid foods to Lucy. (well moosh foods more like!) We started off with whole grain rice cereal because our pediatrician recommended it. A lot of people now poo poo rice cereal and say that babies should jump right in with vegetables, but hey this is the way we did it and it seems to be working so far! We've introduced a little rice cereal once a day and plan to introduce our first vegetable sometime in the next two weeks. I plan on making all my own baby food and have a super sweet set up thanks to our Grandma Helen. She purchased the Beaba babycook and it looks pretty amazing! Anyway here are some shots of miss L tasting rice cereal .. by the end of the first meal she was opening her mouth at the sight of the spoon! The last couple pictures are not photos of me feeding my child cupcakes.. haha, I made a bunch of cupcakes for the baby shower I'm hosting and Lucy is just happy as a clam watching me frost them! Like her mama, I'm sure she will love cupcakes! (but not for a long time) Lately Lucy has loved sitting in her Bumbo and watching me cook in the kitchen.

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